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CLASH OF THE TITANS and HARRY POTTER (Maybe) to get 3D Releases!

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Warner Brothers announced today that Louis Leterrier’s remake of the eighties classic Clash of the Titans will be getting a 3D releases!  However, 3D fans are somewhat skeptical.  The film wasn’t produced in 3D.  So many argue that it will be more FauxD than 3D.

But how true is that?  Since a lot of this film will feature CG rendered sequences much of the film will probably be indistinguishable from films produced in 3D.

Also, Warners is hinting that the last two films in the Harry Potter series will also be getting the 3D (fauxD) treatment.  Though there’s been no official word on this.

The 3D version of Clash of the Titans will hit theaters April 2, 2010, one week after the 2D release of the film.

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