Physicist Says Science Fiction Close to Reality!


In his new book Physics of the Impossible, renowned physicist Michio Kaku examines the scientific possibility of some of the classic tropes of Science Fiction.  Everything from invisibility to teleportation.  And from time travel to robots composing poetry.  In a recent interview on the book for the BBC World service, he said:

A lot of the predictions made by science fiction writers have been replaced by the march of science.

In his books and radio show, Kaku has long used Science Fiction as a way of getting a general audience interested in physics.  And his books are all must reads.  His latest book is no exception.


7 Responses to “Physicist Says Science Fiction Close to Reality!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the news! I’ve watched Michio Kaku on television for several years now. His shows are always informative and interesting.

  2. If you read some of the old science fiction writtings you will find that what used to be science fiction is now reality. Many of the things that were cosidered imposible like traveling to the moon has been done. I like a science fiction book that leaves the reder thinking that, “it could happen that way.”

  3. science fiction books is the thing that i always read because it stirs my imagination ~

  4. Great post but you should really get rid of all this spam messages.

  5. reading science fiction books is the stuff that i am always into. science fiction really widens my imagination ~;`

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