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Physicist Says Science Fiction Close to Reality!

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In his new book Physics of the Impossible, renowned physicist Michio Kaku examines the scientific possibility of some of the classic tropes of Science Fiction.  Everything from invisibility to teleportation.  And from time travel to robots composing poetry.  In a recent interview on the book for the BBC World service, he said:

A lot of the predictions made by science fiction writers have been replaced by the march of science.

In his books and radio show, Kaku has long used Science Fiction as a way of getting a general audience interested in physics.  And his books are all must reads.  His latest book is no exception.


Photo: Google Earth Snaps Nessie?

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The Sun recently front-paged this image from Google Earth which shows something which looks a bit like Scotland’s famous sea creature.  This discovery was made by Jason Cooke, 25, of Nottingham, a security guard.

Aloha, Predator!

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predator see hawaii

According to Reel Hawaii, location scouts for Robert Rodriguez Predator re-imagining have been hitting Hawaii for the third successive week.  If they choose the Aloha State, this phase of production is slated for 18 days.

Well, if you have to shoot a Predator movie you might as well do it somewhere nice.


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halloween 3d

Obviously spurred by the trouncing they got from The Film Destination 3D this weekend, the Weinstein Company announced today that there will be a third film in the rebooted “Halloween” series.  And this next entry will be in, you guessed it, 3D!  The film will be titled … wait for it … Halloween 3D!

The film is already slated for release next summer, and Harvey Weinstein says Rob Zombie is out as director.

This news is neither especially exciting, nor is it unpredicted.  But what is surprising is that the Halloween series has never had a 3D entry before.  Back in the eighties when every horror franchise milked its box office potential with a 3D entry, Halloween eschewed this particular choice, and foisted the usual 2D horrors on us, again and again.

Scream, DVD Buyer, Scream!

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And then scream again, because some cool campy fun is headed to the DVD shelves this Tuesday.  Yup, it’s those horror blacksploitation classics Blacula and Scream, Blacula Scream! This double feature release marks the first appearance of these films on Blu-Ray and their second incarnation on DVD.  They are being released as part of MGM’s “Soul Cinema” line of titles.

Still not convinced that this is a must buy?  The check out these original trailers, Brother:

And if that doesn’t move and groove you, then you ain’t the cat we thought you were!

SWAMP THING Remake in 3D

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Collider reports that Joel Silver is considering remaking Swamp Thing in 3D.  This places Silver in control of another comic book project with an Alan Moore stamp on it.  Because, although Swamp Thing was created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson in the 1971, it’s mass popularity really owes more to the 1982 revamp penned by Alan Moore.  Silver previously produced the adaptation of Moore’s V for Vendetta.  One of the projects which brought to the fore Alan Moore’s disgust with Hollywood.

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