Librarians Dig GHOST RADIO!


We haven’t written much about GHOST RADIO lately.   Probably because Leopoldo has been hiding in his secret underground base, teaching the demons to dance.

But we ran across a recent review of the audio book, and thought it was worth sharing.  Here’s a nice section of the review:

The ending is a perfect horror ending. The story is resolved, Joaquin completes his quest, but the supernatural force is left completely open ended. In fact, the reader is left questioning what the truth is and what really happened to Joaquin. The implication is that the entire book was really just the story of one caller into Ghost Radio. Gout left me completely unsettled, and I loved it.

Here’s another good bit:

I really liked the creepy uneasiness that permeated Ghost Radio. The book constantly has you questioning what is real and what is supernatural. The lines of reality are blurred and you believe everything (even the obviously supernatural events) is really happening. In this way, Gout’s book reminded me of Stephen King’s work. Like King, Gout is a storyteller first and foremost. Joe Hill’s collection of stories 20th Century Ghosts is also a great readalike for Ghost Radio. I wrote about reading this collection here (middle of the post) and suggest a few more readalikes.

For the rabid Neil Gaiman fans out there (I am one of you), Gout should be a reliable new author for you to enjoy.

Bentley Little also writes novels in which the real world and the supernatural collide in an unsettlingly realistic way. Try The House.

The review is on the blog “RA For Everyone” run by a librarian named Becky.  Hmm … librarians listen to audio books?  Sigh.  Another myth squashed.

For the rest of the review click here.

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