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Rumors, Reboots and Reputations: This Week at GHOST RADIO!

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Copy of ghosts

Another thrill-packed week of news at the GHOST RADIO blog.

We considered dinosaurs that still walk the earth, UFOs that fly in formations, and monsters that might just be logs.

We saw an animal cloned, a TV show reborn and another exhibited.

There was that creature not cute enough for Disney, some creatures who need a Doctor (or maybe not), and something that made Joss Whedon say “NO!”

And, finally, a call to the talented,  a questionable haircut, and some mooning.

Not bad for a lazy week in June.

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Video: NEW MOON On Set Footage!

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All right, Twilighties, here’s some set footage for you to study.  Frame-by-frame we expect.  Have fun!

Kristen Stewart’s “Bad Reputation”

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The first stills have begun appearing of Twilight star Kristen Stewart in her look for the Joan Jett biopic Runaways.

Well, she does look like she “loves Rock and Roll” but not sure if that photo shouts “I don’t give a damn about my reputation.”   It seems to whimper “don’t crush my flower.”

But even Joan Jett could look a bit lost when she was young.  As she does in this snap with Johnny Rotten:


And, yeah, we realize this post is a bit off topic for this blog.  But we thought our Twilight fan readers would like to see the photo.   And we’ve “never been afraid of any deviation.”

We know, we know … we’ve wrung as much out of that joke as we can.

But, before we leave the subject of Ms. Jett, here she is doing “Bad Reputation.”  Turn up the speakers and be prepared to involuntarily pogo around the room.  It will happen.

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