Remake Madness to Make You SCREAM!


Entertainment Weekly reports that Scream franchise is the lastest movie to get the reboot treament:

Writer-director Kevin Williamson has been working on a trilogy that will bring back many of the characters from the original movies.And EW has learned exclusively that Williamson has approached Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette to return. Deals have yet to be signed, however, as all involved try to hammer out potential scheduling conflicts that could arise now that Courteney Cox Arquette’s pilot Cougar Town was picked up by ABC. (Agents for the actors have yet to return EW’s request for comment.) No word on whether Neve Campbell’s character, among others, will make the cut.

Scream sent up movies that are now being remade, and now Scream itself is being rebooted.  Will it send up the remakes of the movies it originally sent up?

Is this just more remake madness, or could this be the brilliant post-modern turn that pokes fun at the all these remakes and reboots?


For the latest in SCREAM 4 news click here.

4 Responses to “Remake Madness to Make You SCREAM!”

  1. your scary movies are class i wish i could be in them especially scary movie keep them comming

  2. I Love The Scream Trilogies Hopefully Scre4m Is Scarier

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