Neil Gaiman on Lisa Gallagher Layoff


Neil Gaiman, a HarperCollins author, comments on his blog about the layoff of Lisa Gallagher due to company’s restructuring:

(I twittered my sadness at losing my long-time publisher at William Morrow, Lisa Gallagher.  I don’t think I mentioned it here. I worked with her for nine years — she was originally in marketing, and then became my publisher, and when Anansi Boys went to Number 1 on the NYT list, we sate and drank champagne in a busy square together.  She was always supportive and I will miss working with her very much, not just because she was the only person who would begin a phone call with a breezy “Hello darling, it’s Lisa.” I hope she gets a job as good as she is.)

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2 Responses to “Neil Gaiman on Lisa Gallagher Layoff”

  1. Thats what I thought and you really helped me prove my point with this post. I cant wait to show my friend so he can see he was wrong. – Walter

  2. Not sure we follow what you’re saying. But … um … you’re welcome.

    We think.


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