Kristen Stewart Talks “New Moon,” Dakota Fanning Rumored for Role


From Efluxmedia:

Even though she attended the Sundance Film Festival to promote her most recent film, “Adventureland,” Kristen Stewart had no choice but to answer some questions about her most famous role so far.

Asked about the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon,” which is set to start shooting some time in March, the 18-year-old actress, who arrived at Sundance on Monday, said she is excited to start working on the second installment of the vampire saga and hopes it will go as smoothly as the first one.

Addressing the major changes since shooting the first flick, its success and sudden directorial change, from Catherine Hardwicke to Chris Weitz, Stewart said the cast and crew need to “be on the same page to make the same movie [as the original ‘Twilight’ was],” or else it will be a very disoriented project.

One of the few cast members who met Chris Weitz, Stewart said he’s “really a genuinely sweet guy and on the project for the right reasons. He’s not just jumping onto the next bandwagon. He’s into it.”

The other concern in Stewart’s mind echoes wide spread concerns regarding the actor who will play the pivotal role of Jacob Black — and whether she and Taylor Lautner, who was confirmed for the role, would be able to establish the same sort of chemistry that she had with Robert Pattinson in “Twilight.” In the sequel, Lautner’s character starts a romantic relationship with Bella Swan, Stewart’s character.

“I’m so glad they didn’t have to find somebody else; we already had him! I didn’t understand all the deliberation on [whether to bring him back]. But now that it’s set, we can all rest,” Stewart said regarding Lautner, whose character becomes a towering werewolf in “New Moon,” and initially raised questions over whether the young star would be bulky enough to play the part again.

Since it was officially announced that Lautner would reprise his role as Jacob Black, the young actor started training in the gym to bulky up for the role. “He’s really buff!” Stewart exclaimed of Lautner, “He definitely is. It took him a lot of time.” Lautner said he’s put on around 30 pounds since starting his training regimen and he’s not done yet.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

In other “Twilight” related rumors, actress Dakota Fanning may be joining the cast as one of the Italian vampires, according to an unidentified source. Apparently, the 14-year-old actress is considered for the role of “Jane,” who is described as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.”

“New Moon” is set for release Nov. 20, 2009.

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17 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Talks “New Moon,” Dakota Fanning Rumored for Role”

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  3. Oh! Its so … grrrr! I wanted to go to the cast .. because I think, I look like Jane from the book! And now I look on the picture an I see a likeness of me!!!

  4. hello. dakota. are. allowed. to. go. to. another. country. like. phlippines?

    because. i. really. want. to. meet. you. in. person.

    please. leave. a. reply. for. me. dakota.

    i. love. you.

    im. your. no. 1. fan!!!!!!

    luv. yah.!

    take. care.

    cuz. i. care.

  5. The Moon Says:

    What sort of page is this where only total idiots post comments? In what kind of dream world are both of you morons living? I hope you’re just frickin joking!

  6. Takes all kinds to make a world, Moon.

  7. wow im speachless! dakota fanning! omg! i dont belive it! she looks pretty but is she the right for the role of jane!? i dont think so because im from germany and here we dont know who dakota fanning is… but she looks pretty!

  8. dakota fanning is hot and pretty………

  9. I think that Dakota Fanning will make a wonderful jane and I think that she is a wonderful actress! I love the twilight series and can’t wait to see new moon. And I also think that if someone doesn’t have anything nice to say than they shouldn’t say anything at all. People have their own opinions and they shouldn’t be criticized for what they post on here. There’s no point in criticizing people it won’t do any good. . . the only thing that will come of it is hurt feelings.

  10. schokoschnitte Says:

    I’m not sure abour what i shpuld think about Dakota. I’m also from Germany, but i’ve thought, Jane lokks a little bit nor so nice like Dakota. She have to look pretty and young, but even old and adepted, because in Reality she would have been really old… So i don’t know if Dakota is adult enough…

  11. appelmoes Says:

    hmm, Dakota Fanning is only 14 years old…Jane isn’t a child :s

  12. Holaa te Felicitoo te Quedoo muy bien tu Papel el tu flims
    eres muy bella y tratastes muy bien a edward
    kieroo ver tu proxima pelicula como para que fecha es mas omenos tu proxima saga… esperoo tu respuesta…
    chaoo saludos y suerte

  13. foreverh bella bellla muy actrisao

  14. I think Dakota Fanning will be wonderful in this movie, she is a very good actress and deserves this part. She will grow up and be a very good actress throughout her years of acting. She will be on TV for years and rock at whatever she does ! I think she is awesome and a very pretty and young girl.

  15. Yo opino k la vdd dakota ya no es la misma y creo k con esta pelicula se va a volver popular y ojala tenga mucho exito en esta pelicula que es muy popular en estados unidos y aqui en mexico

  16. Fabiana Says:

    Hola Dakota, ya eres grande cuando vi tu primer película supe que serias una gran promesa para el cine moderno, Ojalá no te toque vivir aislada de el amor verdadero como el resto de las famosas llegan a tener todo al alcance de sus manos y luego se vuelven vacías sin una razón para vivir porque se dejan cegar por los lujos la fama, aprende a reconocer quien te quiere de verdad y no dejes entrar a nadie que no te demuestre que te quiere y te admira por la persona que hay dentro de ti, la personita que dios creo y le dio forma hasta llegar a ser Grande pero no en fama y dinero sino en amor y felicidad con un corazón abierto al amor a la humanidad a los problemas a las carencias todas estas cosas y mas harán de tu vida algo interesante cuando sientas que no hay razón ni alegría porque todo lo tienes busca la humildad en las personas no te dejes llevar por drogas alcohol y otras idioteces que hacen los famosos para encontrar una razón de vida, La razón de tu vida esta dentro de ti ama A Dios mas que a nada en el mundo y el te mostrara el camino nunca lo dejes fuera de tus planes ni para ir al baño y cuando algo malo te pase dale gracias y dile que te de fortaleza para ser quien el quiere que seas, así podrás caminar en el mundo de la fama viviendo tu vida normalmente. siempre pidele que ponga las palabras correctas en tu boca antes de hablar y el hará de ti una obra maestra. a mi esposo y a mi nos encantan tus películas eres buena en eso se buena en todo y para todo siempre.

  17. siiann blower Says:

    people say that ii look liike dakota fanniing ! butt ii really dont thiink ii do ii need uur helppp too see wetherr ii do or nott :’) pleaseeeeeeee hellpp x

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