DOCTOR WHO Celebrates its 45 Anniversary!


On November 23, 1963 at 5:15 pm (GMT) the British Science Fiction show began its legendary run.  It ran virtually uninterrupted for 26 years, going off the air in 1989.


An aborted attempt to bring it to US television occurred in 1996 with the airing of a pilot film starring Paul McGann.  There was no series order.


Then in 2005 it triumphantly returned, winning awards, pleasing most old fans of the series, and bringing in legions of new fans.

And here’s a couple of great tribute videos made by fans of the show:

And here’s the trailer for the next episode of Doctor Who.  A special airing on Christmas Day!

So Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!  And we wish you another 45!

For the latest DOCTOR WHO news click on Matt Smith’s head!

4 Responses to “DOCTOR WHO Celebrates its 45 Anniversary!”

  1. doctor who happy brithday

  2. and say hi to the cast

  3. i CANT BELIEVE that your show is so old. Even if i do love it soo much soo happy 45 happy birthday doctor keep making more because i bet you dont know how awesome this show is soo congrats and keep at it.


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