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LET ME IN Getting Raves!

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When it was first announced, the American remake of the critically acclaimed Let the Right One In was met with “boos”.  Lots of “boos”.   But now that the film is done, and the reviews are trickling in, “cheers” is a better description of the reaction.  Great when a filmmaker confounds expectations.

Bloody Disgusting sets the tone:

Ultimately, if the Swedish version is near perfection, Matt Reeves’s version achieves complete supremacy. Masterpiece is an overused word, but it’s hard to think of another so powerful. Let Me In is the new standard for vampire movies.

IGN offers a similar sentiment:

Touching and terrifying in equal measure, Let Me In, is every bit as good as the Swedish original, meaning that we now have two masterful takes on the same story, both of which deserve and demand to be seen.
Twitch simplifies it to this:
What I do know is that while neither film is perfect both are pretty damn good and a host of people unfamiliar with the story are about to get a treat.
And the Huff Post makes it even simpler:
Let the Right One In was one of the best films of 2008. Let Me In is one of the best films of 2010.
Looks like this one has entered “must-see” terrain.

Video: Want an Intellectual Defense for Liking NEW MOON?

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Well, smarty pants Brit critic Mark Kermode offers a complex and reasonable one:

Librarians Dig GHOST RADIO!

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We haven’t written much about GHOST RADIO lately.   Probably because Leopoldo has been hiding in his secret underground base, teaching the demons to dance.

But we ran across a recent review of the audio book, and thought it was worth sharing.  Here’s a nice section of the review:

The ending is a perfect horror ending. The story is resolved, Joaquin completes his quest, but the supernatural force is left completely open ended. In fact, the reader is left questioning what the truth is and what really happened to Joaquin. The implication is that the entire book was really just the story of one caller into Ghost Radio. Gout left me completely unsettled, and I loved it.

Here’s another good bit:

I really liked the creepy uneasiness that permeated Ghost Radio. The book constantly has you questioning what is real and what is supernatural. The lines of reality are blurred and you believe everything (even the obviously supernatural events) is really happening. In this way, Gout’s book reminded me of Stephen King’s work. Like King, Gout is a storyteller first and foremost. Joe Hill’s collection of stories 20th Century Ghosts is also a great readalike for Ghost Radio. I wrote about reading this collection here (middle of the post) and suggest a few more readalikes.

For the rabid Neil Gaiman fans out there (I am one of you), Gout should be a reliable new author for you to enjoy.

Bentley Little also writes novels in which the real world and the supernatural collide in an unsettlingly realistic way. Try The House.

The review is on the blog “RA For Everyone” run by a librarian named Becky.  Hmm … librarians listen to audio books?  Sigh.  Another myth squashed.

For the rest of the review click here.

Video: Mark Kermode’s Review of TRANSFORMERS 2!

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The most erudite and comprehensive review of Transformers 2.


Another GHOST RADIO Rave!

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From the Sunday Eagle Tribune:

Do you like to read before you fall asleep? Don’t grab this book then unless you welcome a bout of fear-induced insomnia.

Gout layers creepiness upon spookiness and broadcasts a good amount of uneasiness over his story until you, like his main character, Joachin, aren’t sure what’s real and what’s imagined. That will leave you with a nice unsettled feeling and a long wary look at the clock-radio near your bed.

“Ghost Radio” is Gout’s first novel and I can’t wait for his next. If you want a book that will scare you, tune into this one.

Read the rest of the review here.

Check out all the Ghost Radio raves here!

Vote for GHOST RADIO Today!

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The deadline is drawing near to vote in the Black Quill Awards.

Ghost Radio is nominated in two categories “Best Dark Genre Novel” and “Best Dark Genre Book Trailer.”

Voting is easy!  Just register with the site for free, and then you’re eligible to vote.

You can register here.

So register and vote today!

Another Sneak Peak at “Little Spirit”

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Make sure to check out other info on “Little Spirit” here.

more about “Another Sneak Peak at “Little Spirit”“, posted with vodpod

Paranormal Book Club Chief Loves GHOST RADIO!

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Barnes and Noble’s Paranormal Book Club  (which we’ve discussed previously) has begun their session on Ghost Radio with a rave from club head Paul Goat Allen:

Here’s some of what he has to say:

The word “unputdownable” comes to mind … The story began very much like an early Stephen King novel – so I guess those comparisons by other readers were right on the money. The beginning chapters were intensely atmospheric, darkly nuanced and Gout did a brilliant job of slowly offering up key plot information so the reader was almost compelled to read more.

Thanks, Paul.  But we knew you’d be wowed.

You can read the rest of his comments here.

Nice Words From Maggie Kim!

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Leopoldo’s friend Maggie Kim offers her take on Ghost Radio at her blog New York in Paris.

She says Ghost Radio has “the creepy goodness of Twilight Zone.”

How could we disagree?

So check out her review.  And while you’re there take a spin round her blog.  It focuses on her move from New York to Paris and back again.  But she also takes time out to make some pithy comments about all manner of things from wine hangovers to yoga.  It’s good stuff!

You should also check out her MySpace page and listen to her music.  Infectious.   Kind of a mix of Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde and Faye Wong.  You’ll dig it.

You can order her latest album here or here.

And if you have a blog that has written about Ghost Radio send a link to, and we’ll give you a shout out here!

Bookloons Crazy for GHOST RADIO!

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“I found it hard to put down.” — Bookloons ( J. A. Kaszuba Locke)

Full review here.


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